Toulouse, France : 60 behaviour detection cameras for June 2017


Sixty cameras will detect dubious behaviour in June 2017
Nearly 60 cameras of the Toulouse hyper-centre are to be equipped with a reconnaissance system that will alert operators in the case of suspicious behaviour.
After the 102 cameras used to remotely charge wrongly parked motorists, here are intelligent cameras, able to detect abnormal behaviour on the pavement.
Since January 16, 102 video-protection cameras in Toulouse city centre allow – among other things – to “hunt” motorists who park wrongly. In one click, the ticket is sent to the Rennes national processing centre. And the fine reaches the offender a few days later: from € 17 to € 135 depending on the gravity of the offence. Around thirty tickets per day, on average, have been drawn up over last month.
But by June 2017, the Toulouse City Council will go even further. It will equip nearly sixty cameras already operating in the hyper-centre, with artificial intelligence software. Thanks to this software, acquired from the IBM company for 150 000 €, the cameras will be able to detect unusual behaviour, and to warn the video operators.

It will be possible to programme them to focus on several parametres: the facial expression of a passerby, body temperature, gait, sudden acceleration of speed. Thus, a mugging with violence, with the perpetrator running away, can be reported even if the operator is not looking at the time. The prolonged presence of a vehicle in front of a sensitive site can also be detected. After analyzing such behaviour, the system will issue an alert to the operator, to the PC Video of Saint-Cyprien. The operator in charge then decides whether or not to trigger a police intervention, based on his analysis of the situation.
“This will be a great help for our operators,” said Olivier Arsac, deputy mayor in charge of security. Indeed, they will eventually have to manage 350 cameras. Their detection capacity will be put to the test. The fact that some may identify suspicious behaviour alone could make it easier. The objective of the town hall is to equip about a hundred cameras with this software by the end of 2017.
The system, already in use in American cities in particular, has not only defenders. The environmental group at the mayor’s office stresses that dubious behaviour does not necessarily result in criminal acts. And that offences can be committed without prior dubious behaviour. “It’s just an information-processing tool,” the Deputy Mayor answered. It is then up to the operator to judge the seriousness of the situation. “
It is also possible to read on the subject: L’analyse comportementale version IBM au service du contrôle social dans la métropole Toulousaine,  Behavioural analysis version IBM in the service of social control in the Toulouse metropolitan, IAATA, February 12, 2017
Translated by AFFN

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