Greece – Prison is good only for those who build them (4 years since the Velvedo double robbery)


This February will mark 4 years since they were incarcerated. We must
have memory and we must honor our comrades.

Their are no choices, neither illusions, the choices are only two:
either spectators in the couches of a castrated life, or perpetrators of
incidents that form the development of history. The thought of freedom
is not enough, because on its own it can be a blossom, but freedom
itself is a seed. Thus, when you want to crush the state, everything in
your mind is a hammer. All you have to do is use it.

And this is exactly what our friends and comrades from Velvedo did, and
who now are hostage of the state prisons and who as of February have
been incarcerated for 4 years.

We are at war now and we must choose sides. No one can remain
un-involved. The illusions are gone, the facades have worn away. The
authoritarians admit that for emergency reasons, once more, that ideas
must be persecuted.

Nothing is over, everything continues, refusal, insurrection and


Translated by AFFN

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