Cagliari, Sardinia – Anarchist comrade Maddalena Calore imprisoned in Uta.


While awaiting more information, from police statements spectacularly reported in the local media we learn of the arrest of anarchist comrade Maddalena Calore.
As far as we can understand, during the notification and execution of an arrest warrant for a previous conviction, while they were searching the house where she was staying, the police hounds would have found material to use to arrest her.

It matters little whether the comrade had material more or less useful for attacking this world in her home, but it’s difficult to shed any light on the bombastic fabrications of cops and scribblers, where in the throes of frenzy a toy air gun becomes ‘a pistol’, and 5 firecrackers can transform themselves from paper bombs into ‘5 dynamite sticks capable of blowing up a car ‘.
We call on anyone with updates and more information to write to
To write to the comrade:
Maddalena Calore
C.C. Uta
Strada II Ovest
09010 Uta (Cagliari)
Sardinia, Italy
Translated by act for freedom now!

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