[Mexico] Fernando Barcenas: “I do not recognize prison and I don’t want it to be improved.”


From the North prison of the city of Mexico – ReNo
Once again the prison institution sought to dissuade me and to weaken my rebel convictions by ordering my transfer to the Centre for the Execution of Penal Sanctions. This was done with the approval of the Criminal Tribunal, 43 which sent the decisive judgment that I could no longer remain in the Northern Penitentiary since my conviction had become final. Under the direction of Rafael Oñate Farfán, the previous administration had many reasons to see its interests threatened by repeated disturbances as well as protests inside the prison; they knew perfectly well that no matter where they sent me, they would encounter the same conflict and the same constant questioning of everyday norms, knowing that little matter the place, there would always be attempts at insurrection.
They were able to see this in area 3 of the entrance module and in area 7 and 5 of the “isolation and institutional security” of the C.O.C. (Observation and Selection Centre).

Every time I rebelled they tried to play with me, trying to make me believe they were my friends, until I was perfectly firm and made them know my position clearly in the face of the circumstances I was confronted with; the aggression against the guards was therefore an obligation for my survival here inside, making conscious rebellion within these walls a constant necessity.
Thus, after two years of being shelved in the “Institutional Security” zones, they served me with a new punishment disguised as a “privilege”: my transfer to the Centre for the Implementation of Sanctions or North Annex , an area in which prisoners are subjected to blackmail with the promise of their freedom in exchange for perfect obedience to the prison regime, which includes obligatory slavery and forced labour, as it is impossible to protest given that the work of domestication also includes brainwashing, making us believe that this is an opportunity that is being offered to us. But for this it is essential that we feel guilty and repent all the time, while thanking the mercy of the penal system. On the other hand, if you refuse to accept domestication then you are threatened being transferred to the High Security Towers (equivalent to Q.H.S.) or to the penitentiary.
For all these reasons upon arriving and after being presented to the administration, I refused the “treatment”, refusing to sign the contract of rights and obligations, and also refusing to receive a mattress, clothes and any other kind of thing that might have compromised me to respect that institution. I do not recognize prison and I do not want it to be improved.

This behaviour provoked my transfer very early at dawn back to the North penitentiary, and to my surprise I was not led to the entrance module as is normally the case on return before being taken to the dormitory area. I was actually led directly to Area 7 of Institutional Security, where I had so far been dumped.

All this makes me want to write and reflect on the prison that actually represents our daily relationships, of which each conflict opens up an infinite number of possibilities to destroy it.


Fernando Bárcenas
13 February, 2017



Translated by Act for freedom now!

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