Responsibility Claim attack by N.A.W.P.I never-again-without-pepperspray-incorporation


Let’s run down the hills

How to speak about sustainable investment to this wildboar ? To this orfan doe about
recycling toxic waste ? How to say to the disfigured montain that it was worth it,
that we really needed this 4 lanes highway interchange ? How to sincerely reassure
this thousands exsanguinated trees piled up like in mass grave ? Theses confused and
disoriented birds and bats who are driven crazy so that wifi passes everywhere in 4G
? Does this lonely starving wolf give a fuck if you recycle your rubbish ? What did
this baby fox coarpse think about progress, in your opinion ? The few places where
we felt good, you razed them to the ground to create fields, vineyards ans Ikea’s
furniture. The bush, you distroyed it into small pieces for your trucks to go
faster. The moutain you pierced it in all parts to avoid walking in between two ski
runs and then you empalated with windills what was left of the cadaver, to have a
clean conscience. The water of the streams is polluted because of thousands of your
slaves that you put in fed in the plateau.

And what about us in the middle of this ? This world sentences us to die by starving
or boredom. We should be complicit of our own alienation. We should be subjected.
After all, there’s champion’s league and election on tv. We should accept to be
either girl or boy, and accept all the bullshit and moral that comes with. We should
be docile and gratefull. We’ve got benefit and medecine. If we want to change
society, we have petitions, freedom of speak, citizen demostrations and public
opinion. What do we complain about ? We should be reasonnable, patient, and
rational, for our own good. And if problems overwhelm us, we still can get high on
drugs to forget that, according to where we were born, we become, with more or less
violence, slaves. That anyway nothing changes and there is no choice.

But theses days, we’ve made some choice : We chose to attack the Liotard company,
who destroy rivers, mountains, trees, wildlife and flora, while acting green washing
and participative recycling. To do so, we set 6 arson devices (1,5 L bottle filled
up with petrol and pieces of candles, some firestarter bricks tied with wire as an
easy-to-make delayer) under 6 different heavyweight trucks. We also sabotated one
excavator and put several firestarter under car of the society. unfortunatelly,we’ve
been seen and surprised by a security guy, and we haven’t had the time to light the
Let’s be clear if we dont attack the guy , it’s not to follow wathever charter or by
respect for life,but because a lack of means. we think to bodily attack people who
colaborate with destruction of theses environnement is a good thing. next time we’ll
be armed…

we also make the choice to attack a relay pylon with the same devices put in between
cables and electrical boxes. this times a beautifull fire was growing up through the
cable when we left.

with maps, a good préparation, and imagination,with
with our limits,our fears and excitations.

with our rages and determinations.

during these wild nights we often toughts about the montreuil’compas and about the
compas damien.
you were running with us in the mountains,breathing life.
we send you strength and corage.
see you soon in one sid or the another.

a little tought for the individualities who take part in the “wildfirecell” in germany.
we like your attack and we found really interesting your positioning on the uses of
acronyms,identities and cells.

and also for the pylon arsonist in italy.

for the spread of burning nights.

neither optimism,nor resignation.


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