Greece – This photo from Hios island with the refugees in a cage will make you feel ashamed.


A cage for people. A cage with barbed wire whose purpose is to limit
refugees and immigrants who have just arrived to Greece. A photo with a
cage that shows a situation which once more brings shame to those who
are managing the refugee issue: the state, the NGOs who stick their head
into the ground, and all those who know whats going on and turn a blind

According to everything being denounced, it was take a couple of months
ago in the Center of first reception and identification in Hios. Within
a massive building guarded by the police, their are two cages to hold
the new arrivals on the island. Men, women and children are pilled up in
the same place and, as is was denounced, there were cases where although
the people were told they would only remain there for a few hours, in
the end they kept them all night.

I leave the conclusions to you…

Scum, states murderers.

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