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Kill the cop in your head
    “The best policeman doesn’t wear a uniform”
    – – La rumeur, French hip-hop band
Hate the cops?  You too? They get on your nerves, give you tickets, harass you, detain you, take you away, baton you, pepper spray you, or throw tear gas at you, beat you, spy on you, follow you, attack you, make you talk, handcuff you, throw you in a cage, burst an eye, terrorize you?
They feel important strutting in uniform to stick their nose in everyone’s business. They represent the authority of the State. They hold the monopoly of legitimate violence. They enforce law and order, threatening to steal your life and throw you in a cage. They are the watchdogs of power.

The cops hassle you. But beyond sticking their nose in your affairs, they exist to keep the system as it is and prevent people from revolting. Despite what is said, that is their main function. One often hears the classic argument that “the police are all right, but like everywhere there are rotten apples that stain their reputation. ” Their usefulness is justified by constantly exposing their exploits in arresting some paedophile or pimp. This type of intervention is certainly part of the police’s task because we have historically been de-appropriated of our capacities to manage conflicts independently, but in reality power doesn’t care about people’s well-being. The more an area develops, the more its new citizens and shopkeepers will demand a clean and safe neighbourhood. The cops are not going to go and beat up a landlord who is putting up the rent illegally, but the crackhead on the street corner of the street has a completely different fate. “The police in the service of the rich and the fascists” the good old slogan reminds us.
March 15th will soon be here, and like every year, a demonstration will be organized by the C.O.B.P. – the collective against police brutality. And every year there’s confrontation and arrests. The C.O.B.P, as its acronym evokes, is not opposed to the police as an institution, but to a brutal police force. The collective has been working for years to propose a citizenist speech demanding respect for rights..
They are pursuing police ethics and police with deviant behaviour, attempting to make collective recourse against mass arrests and transform certain laws, as was the case with Regulation P-6, which prohibited the wearing of masks during demos. This regulation was eventually invalidated in 2016, thanks to the efforts of several comrades and lawyers.
Nevertheless, a less brutal police does not exist, because its ultimate function is to maintain order by inflicting fear. That is, if an uncontrollable revolt breaks out, these armed dogs will shoot us without hesitation. This does not mean that we should not fight, but that we should face reality as it is. A cop represents a repressive institution used to maintain the power of the State over us. There are no good cops. There are no good laws. We want to fight all the germs and foundations of the authoritarian world, including the State, its laws, the logic of law and its police.
Worst of all is that power is so well established that the police hardly ever need to intervene to enforce the status quo. Control is internalized in our bodies and our heads. We have been domesticated since birth to respect the rules, to go to school, go to work, respect authority, conform.
We are made to believe that our actions have no effect and are told that if we choose to end these institutions: the landlords, the State, the police, the bosses, etc., it’s the end and prison awaits us. Many are giving up. But the fact is that they can’t be everywhere and at all times like Big Brother. By organizing a little, it is always possible to thwart the tentacles of power and try the impossible. First we need a dose of courage to drive the police out of our heads and confront our fears.
Let’s expel the police from our heads, our neighbourhoods and our lives. To the attack !
[Excerpt from the Montreal anarchist newspaper « La Fronde », n°1 – March 2017]
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