>Picket in support of Vavilov collection



undefined August 31 Pavlovskaia experimental station, the commission came from the Chamber to the closed doors to determine whether it is a unique collection of plants Vavilov retained, or to land occupied by the collection, sold by luxury villas. In response, the anarchists staged an unauthorized picket. The activists stood in front of the station, holding a banner “Biofond importantly profit!” and banners reading “Where the money solves – nature die?” and “Save the Vavilov collection. Despite the presence of policemen in plain clothes and their prevention, nobody was detained. Formally part of the land, carrying her unique varieties of plants that scientists have already taken away, explaining that the area is used for other purposes.Besides revealing that members of the commission, which returned a verdict of “misuse” sites did not enter any specialist, somehow versed in selhozpromyshlennosti that indicates a lack of adequate analysis of value of the collection. We believe that these decisions are incorrect and should be abolished and all lands with a collection of plants should be preserved for scientific research tsentorm. Recall, a collection of Vavilov is the largest in Europe Field gene bank of fruit, fodder and fruit crops.The famous collection was created over 80 years. Hundreds of thousands of scientists made expeditions to collect samples at the experimental station of plants from all over the world. Some species do not already exist in nature and are saved only here – in the suburbs of St. Petersburg. All over the world, scientists are asked today Pavlovtsi class to Vossestablish, the lost plant varieties. Source: http://piter.indymedia.org/ru/node/9979

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