Greece – Claim of responsibility for the arson attacks against facilities of the French state in Athens on the 27th February 2017


We claim responsibility for the arson attacks, which were realized on the 27th of February 2017 against the facilities of the French state in Athens, which are located on the junction of Didotou and Sina St. A group of comrades invaded into the complex and set fire to three buildings and two vehicles of the French Institute and the French School of Athens. We cannot stand silently by as our oppressed brothers and sisters in Paris are rising up against state terrorism.
European states sow xenophobia and hatred. By pushing islamophobia, they stir up a climate of war. They intensify militarization and spread it all across the globe, in every block of the capitalist metropolis. All this, so as to constantly degrade the life of the marginalized populations, both materially and in principle.
The suburbs of Paris, where the poorest populations live in a state of isolation, have turned into war zones. Just like the borders of Europe and N. America. A totalitarian war is waged every second that passes. On one side are the states, their institutions, their privileged executives and their faithful servants, who spread divide and impose segregation in an attempt to hold on to their power and profits. On the other side stand all of us, whose life and freedom cannot fit inside the profit machine. We are truly in a perpetual state of emergency. For the state to secure its continuation, it must practice systematic and unharnessed violence. Violent counterattack is the natural response. Insurrection, as is manifested in the flames of the confrontations in Paris, is the first step towards the dissolution of authority.

Internal warfare is not unique to the french state. The greek state is also intensifying militarized police control and mass incarceration. It intensifies repression of revolutionaries, by lengthening their imprisonment, it proliferates concentration camps and it shoots to kill. Every state is capable of atrocious crimes in order to maintain its domination.
In October 2014, the french civil guard murdered protester Remi Fraisse, by shooting teargas at direct range. Today it still uses the same weapons, just like the greek police. They also use plastic or even metal bullets.
On the 2nd of February (2017), in Aulnay-sous-Bois, the french police brutally attacked a group of youngsters and raped young Theo with the use of a baton. Following an “internal investigation”, the police declared this an accident. The judges assigned to this case came to the same conclusion. The french government defended the ‘difficult work’ of its mercenaries, stipulating in addition that the rules must be followed.
Rape expresses the root of state domination. It is brute force exercised at the depth of existence with no respect, no boundaries; it is unrefined terrorism. By exonerating this particular rape, the french democracy recognized rape as an official practice. Rape is the oldest authoritative practice and the state will not resign from its use, especially when it senses that its power is under threat. If those who were supposed to remain slaves mock the law, then authority also mocks its own laws and its “social contracts”, reminding us once again the true meaning of state dominance.
Lets not forget, that no human garbage of the Delta team of the greek police has ever been punished for their murderous attacks and sexual terrorism, which they have consistently practiced since their introduction in 2009. The left-wing government is now reorganizing this special unit of tortures, and preparing to relaunch them on the streets.
In the story of Theo, we can see european civilization, liberal democracy and state socialism laid bare. The inhumanity and hypocrisy of law is unveiled.
Why did the Direct Attack Cells target two cultural-educational institutions? Because these belong to the french state and profess its values and politics. Because behind the vitrine of the ancient greek civilization, which is the object of study of the French (archaeological) School of Athens, and the vitrine of french culture, lies the century old, systematic terrorism and violence. Because the murderous indifference expressed in silence by the privileged who work for the state, particularly those who climb the ladder of the science, intellect and education fields, must be attacked. State dictatorship is founded on apathetic philanthropists, at the same time as it attempts to spread fascism.
We shall not spare the “achievements” of this civilization. In our attempt, on the 27th of February, to destroy educational facilities of the french state in Greece, we said: No mercy for those who support a rapist state, no mercy for the murderers and rapists in uniform.
The greek state rushed to declare that our attack strengthened “greek-french” friendship. This is true. As De Gaul once said, states do not make friends. States make sham friendships. There has never been a reaction of a liberal state against another state for its crimes against the oppressed. They remember these crimes only when they serve as an excuse for states to settle their business through military intervention, again by shedding our blood. Greek ministers may feel like friends with the rapist french cop. We gave then an occasion to express themselves. We too feel closer to the suburbs of Paris through these flames.
We organize our counterattack beyond borders, so that we may unite the world in a force that will destroy the sordid institutions and armies of bourgeois civilization.
Direct Attack Cells – Group “Racailles Vivantes”
Αρχικό κείμενο στα ελληνικά

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