Grete , Chania -Claim of responsibility on 9/1/2017 by “incubators of resistance”


At dawn on 9/1/2017 we torched the ATMs of Eurobank at Chania
town centre. This move was an imminent response to the incarceration
of Pola Roupa and the pre-trial imprisonment of Konstantina
Athanasopoulouand also the kidnapping of Roupa ‘s and Maziotis’ 6 year old son on the
orders of prosecutor Nikolou. The target was chosen the hit of
Revolutionary Struggle against Eurobank in Argiroupoli at 12/5/2009
being carved in our memory.
The pre-trial imprisonment of family relatives/friends of persons
arrested for guerilla warfare, that have taken place in recent times
in Greece climaxing with the kidnapping of little Lambros, reminds us
of the efforts of the political leadership and the police/judicial
complex to demoralize unrepentant fighters. These fraudulent practises,
instead of discouraging potential revolutionary subjects, only
succeed in arming their hatred even more.
Our first targets always will always be the cops, judges and political personnel
Strength to Pola Roupa and Konstantina Athanasopoulou
Freedom to the imprisoned fighters
Nothing is over.. Viva the revolution!
“incubators of resistance”
Translated by ”midnight express” for Act for free.

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