Germany – Aachen trial summary of sessions 13 ,14 , and 15.


session 15
During the session on the 31st March the court looked at all the physical proof that was found inside the bank (tools, tie wraps, a hammer, a chisel, etc.) and inside a plastic bag found outside which the prosecution attributes to the robbery (clothes, sunglasses, a wig and two guns). They also talked about the data found on various computers that were confiscated during the raids: documents, web pages, personal photographs, etc. although the prosecution has concluded that these were not relevant for the case.
The session that was planned on the 3rd of April has been cancelled. The next session will take place on the 7th of April; the LKA cop responsible for the German investigation will testify on this day, as well as read out the Spanish part of the investigation which the deputy inspector of the mossos d’esquadra could not do because he refused to identify himself with his full name.

sessions 13 and 14
The second witness who testified was the husband of the bank worker who testified on the 23rd of March. This was a new witness, called explicitly to testify after his wife had declared that she had recognized one of the assailants upon seeing pictures (of a man and two women) that a colleague had sent her via Whats App. The man explained the situation when his wife received the pictures; the two of them were seated on the sofa and she had a nervous reaction. He also explained how, like his wife had already done in her testimony, the assailants had taken off her glasses in the first moment, and he pointed out that she has 6 dioptres.
The rest of the session consisted of a reading of some parts of the file, mostly a reading of the bank statements of the family of one of the accused.
The session of Monday 28 March consisted of reading various parts of the file. The first part of the reading was related to the material which was confiscated in the house of one of the accused, followed by a reading of some of the letters that were intercepted by the judge and prosecution office of Aachen. The judge read part of the files, exhibiting some of the ways in which the comrades had been followed, as well as a large list of actions that happened in Germany in solidarity with the accused anarchists.
The next session will be on Friday 31 March at 09.00
Again, more comrades in solidarity were present in the court room for two days, showing their support and solidarity.
Nothing is over, everything continues!

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