France, Besançon (Doubs): air hole in the windows of a collabo of the expulsion machinery


In the series “not all the cops are in blue” …
… Some have a uniform with a red cross, whose task it is to provide logistical and material means to the cops during round-ups, to sort and confine the undesirables in retention camps in Italy and Spain. .
This weekend we attacked the Red Cross office on Rivotte Street in Besançon. Words giving the reasons for our visit (“scavengers, expellers”) accompanied the impact on the two largest windows of this collaborators’ hole.

These humanitarian scavengers, who take advantage of this world of borders and prisons, are present everywhere , and certainly a few streets away from you. To flush them out and attack them is also to shed a light on those innumerable organisms which enrich themselves with this racist system.
Ps: in the neighbourhood, JC-Decaux’s advertising panels and the windows of a bourgeois restaurant also took a few blows. It would have been stupid to stop on such a good path …
Some night workers
Translated by Act for freedom now!

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