Italy – The barbed wire circle is narrowing


Severity and integration: these are the key words on the topic of immigration reiterated by Minister of Interior Minniti. Severity, against economic migrants not entitled to remain in Italy, integration for those fleeing wars.
Repeating these two principles, the PD party mayor of Bologna has expressed that he is in favour of the new plan for the management of migratory flows.
This plan is drafted with a bill that sees the conversion of the old concentration camps, CIEs, into CPRs, ‘Repatriation Centres’. The new structures will be spread over the whole country with a total of 1,600 places, and be smaller in order to be better controlled and run far from the urban centres out of sight of calm subservient citizens. As a matter of fact, they will be no different to the old CIEs, other than in name.
From what we know, at the last town hall meeting in Modena, the PD council reiterated the need for a migration management model capable of enforcing repatriation through detention in the new centres and the certainty of expulsion without taking energy and staff from the police force engaged in everyday repression in the region.

A model that rationalises the existing repressive forces and above all guarantees profits to cooperatives and bodies such as Poste Italiane and its company Mistral Air, which carries out the deportation of undocumented migrants.
In Modena a number of cooperatives have already won contracts for the running of structures for asylum seekers.
Among them the Consorzio Cooperative Sociali- Caleidos stands out, as it manages migrants hosted in the students’ centre on Via delle Costellazioni; and the cooperative ‘Leone Rosso’ and the Centro Sociale Giovanni XXIII Association are being assessed by the Prefecture for new contracts.
The cooperatives’ task is also to employ refugees in unpaid labour and volunteering, the latest novelty being ‘eyes of the Municipal’, i.e. migrants employed in activities flanking the municipal police in the control and identification of illegal situations.
It’s easy to foresee the outcome of these continual security manoeuvres: streets watched over by human or electronic eyes on every corner, monitoring of neighbourhoods ready to report all sorts of paranoia to the police, silent subjugated people engaged in enriching the bosses, marginalization and imprisonment for those who put a different way of life into practice.
To those who don’t want to play the game of the bosses and their servants, fascists and police, in their intention to divide the exploited.
To those who believe that opening new concentration camps, increasing militarization and closing borders affects everyone’s freedom; that the problem is not having more human jails, more open borders and more dignified jobs, but it is in each of these mechanisms.
To those who have a clear idea of who are responsible for today’s misery, and don’t want to stand by watching.
Expressing solidarity and organizing between undesirables is possible, attacking is necessary.
Anarchist individualities


Posted on 2017/03/21 by nociemodena
Translated by act for freedom now!

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