Modena, Italy – The concentration camps might just as well be reopened


Thousands of people are seeking safety as they flee wars, devastation, the destruction of their lives. They are looking for better conditions in order to be able to survive on the margins of the rich world. The rich world’s answer is the erecting of insurmountable borders and reinforcing border control; it manifests itself by stirring racist ignorance and giving migrants the role of scapegoat. And also by waving the threat of imaginary barbaric invasions of ‘our civilization’. Finally by using the threat of terrorism. The State tricks the ‘good citizens’ and offers to protect them. In this way more conservative, reactionary super-nationalist and fascist spectres are being revived. Ugly police squads and the military are being let loose to watch over the cities: in stations, on trains, in the streets and at the borders.

New structures for the excluded are being built: CAS, SPRAR, CARA and HUB, real feasts for associations, public bodies, cooperatives and businessmen in order to make money on the undocumented people’s skin through the system of so called ‘welcoming’.  The concentration camps might just as well be reopened: CIEs, which cannot be passed as ‘welcoming centres’.
Besides securing low cost labour, control of the migration flow and the imprisonment of migrants, the welcoming business and bureaucracy are deciding over human lives: they exploit, humiliate, persecute on the grounds of racial and financial presumptions.
The State remembers CIES are concentration camps better than ‘good citizens’ do. It knows well that CIEs have been closed down by fire with the revolts of those locked up in them, with the complicity of people in solidarity outside.
In Emilia Romagna, excluding the HUB in Bologna, the choice is likely to fall on the ex CIE in Modena, which operated from 2003 to 2013, years during which all sorts of abuse was inflicted on the people locked up in them. Beyond victimization and charitable attitudes, in the years when the CIE was operating, many people in solidarity supported the protests and revolts staged by the prisoners. Repression has struck those in struggle many times: those inside by deporting them or sending them to prison; those outside who were opposing the machine of deportation by cautioning them and repressing them.
But in the end the concentration camp had to be closed down, as the correct answer of those imprisoned was returned to the sender.
CIEs are closed down with the fire of revolt. And if the concentration camp is to be reopened in Modena, everybody must remember that.
Modena anarchists
Posted on 2017/03/20 by nociemodena
Translated by act for freedom now!

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