Thessaloniki-Τaking responsibility for sabotage 12 ATMs.


On Thursday February 16, another Halloween, a day of celebration
and festivals, people coming out into the streets and the shops,
forgetting about their usual problems, like being drugged and sedated
as the system wants them to be. All of these festivals are
decompression valves that capitalism offers us. Excessive consumption of
clothing, alcohol and food are just some of its elements, so that on these Hide
days the capitalist system gets a boost through the market while
discouraging anyone from exploding their accumulated rage against
the repression and misfortune that encompasses them.
We, from where we stand, decided to spend our time differently that
day, breaking the norms and doing something that pleases us by
sabotaging 12 ATMs.
We chose to do it in the most central part of the city (Aggelaki,
Egnatia, Tsimiski, Agias Sofias, Venizelou, Svolou),
disturbing a little at least the normalized flow of money in the heart of
the most capitalized area of Salonica. Besides, banks have always had a
supplementary if not central role in empowering the labour production
Solidarity to all political prisoners
Struggle by all means
Until anarchy.


Translated by ”midnight express”for act for freedom now!

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