Thessaloniki -Taking responsibility On Friday 10/3 at 00:30 – Greece


Central Ministry of Central Macedonia and Thrace with molotovs.
This action is a minimal answer to the reforms in education that the government plans to make. Reforms that will lead to even greater poverty of the student community. Our opposition to these reforms is included in the wider struggle against the state, capital and its educational system.
An educational system that serves the interests of our oppressors and repressers, perpetuates social inequalities and subjugates students’ personalities with the goal of creating an obedient and uniform mass. A mass that bows its head, does not react or resist.
We, from our side, are determined to fight by all means for our life, education, freedom and dignity. Until the social revolution and anarchy.
Anarchist Students
Translated by ”midnight express”for act for freedom now!

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