Foggia, Italy – Solidarity with the rebels of the CARA [asylum seekers’ reception centre] in Borgo Mezzanone (Foggia)


From Rete Evasioni
Translated by act for freedom now!



In the maxi-police operation that took place in the early hours of 30th March, with a deployment of 300 police units, including two helicopters, the State arrested 17 people who allegedly took part in the revolt of 27th October 2016 in the CARA of Borgo Mezzanone (in the province of Foggia).
The heavy charges of devastation and plunder, arson, bodily harm and resistance to public officials concern a total of 26 people, 9 of whom are still free because they were not found at the moment of the arrest.
As for today, 17 people are being held in the prison of Foggia.
The charge of devastation and plunder has already stripped many people of their freedom, including dozens of comrades who took part with us in some of the most conflictual demonstrations in recent years.
There are several cases where migrants were charged with this accusation: for example those who were involved in the revolt that destroyed the CIE of Crotone in 2012, and were later acquitted, and those who took part in the revolt of 29th December 2015 in the CARA of Mineo, a protest that originated from the same causes that led to the revolt in the CARA of Borgo Mezzanone last October.
While harshly repressing those who struggle, democracy is also constantly sharpening its juridical instruments in order to strike all migrants with an integrated system of laws and camps for migration management and control: in this way the migrants’ reception circuit is in continuous communication with the machinery of deportation.
In fact the reasons for the protest in the CARA of Borgo Mezzanone, totally hushed up by the media, were linked to the determination to obtain documents due to a huge number of failed applications for international protection; the demand to be allowed to prepare one’s own meals, given the very poor quality of the food they are forced to eat; to requests for pocket money, means of public transport to guarantee their daily movements and heating in the crumbling structure, considering the approach of winter.

The CARA of Borgo Mezzanone, as well as that of Mineo, 7 CPAs [early reception centres] and 15 SPRAR centres [System for the Protection of Asylum Seekers and Refugees], represent the huge booty secured by social cooperative Senis Hospes, which decides every day on the lives of over 7,000 people, as the latter are entrapped in the forced limbo of the national protection system.
According to police in Foggia, the operation that led to the rioters’ arrest was carried out in order to fend off yet another mass protest in a territory where migrants are being moved continually. Here the State had already shown its fury with the recent eviction of the Ghetto of Rignano, leading to the death of Mamadou and Nouhou, two residents in the settlement, after a 4-days siege.
In order to avoid revolts in the big Centres for asylum seekers, from the CARA of Mineo to the structures in Bari, Foggia and Castelnuovo di Porto, the State has long established a plan of dispersion for small groups to be allocated to small centres. The plan of widespread reception, which claims to promote integration, seems to correspond to these characteristics.
All our concrete solidarity is to go to the courage of those who took part in stone throwing at antiriot cops that intervened to crush the anger in an internment camp, to the damage inflicted on the decrepit structure where people are crammed in and allocated improvised beds, to the attack on the warehouse where rotten food is stocked.
We of Rete Evasioni are ready to create a collective political defence for those arrested, and on Monday 24th April at 12pm (before the national demo to be held in the city) we will participate in a solidarity gathering outside the prison of Foggia, for all the prisoners and those who rebelled against the CARA of Borgo Mezzanone.
Rete evasioni

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