Ferrara and Ponticelli di Malalbergo (Bologna), Italy – National demo against vivisection and XIII Animal Liberation Gathering



Vivisection is certainly one of the most exemplary and hideous practices with which humans oppress other animals turned into sacrificial objects on the altar of techno-sciences. Every day an increasing number of animals are being locked up, poisoned, tortured, stripped from their habitats and killed. Other (transgenic) animals are being created in laboratories specifically for this purpose: real factories where animals are created on demand according to each laboratory experiment.

There are economic but also political interests behind vivisection, otherwise one couldn’t explain why experiments with ‘animal models’ are far from decreasing even in times of ‘alternative methods’.
The death system’s alternative is to continue the exploitation on human and non-human animals and not that of destroying or poisoning the planet to allow the current development model. Science structures and their researchers, these priests of what is by now the undisputable global religion, science,  are telling all sorts of lies to justify what is ever more unjustifiable. By playing with a widespread anthropocentric mentality and a sometimes total lack of critical reflection and feeling of empathy towards other animals, these scientists-technicians carry on their targeted propaganda, sure as they are of success even if their words are empty slogans.
Vivisection or animal experimentation, the name doesn’t change the meaning of things, represents a big alibi with which the system can justify the introduction of drugs, chemical addictive substances, nano particles, artificial components, invasive medical practices even after the latter have already proved their degree of toxicity for any living being and their environment; what is being done to other animals is always to be transferred to human beings, a constant laboratory of experimentation where nobody is spared.
Starting form these presuppositions we would like to initiate a reflection and critique that goes deeper and doesn’t stop to the surface of the problem. Like with any question of exploitation that becomes intolerable and unacceptable, words must be followed by our intervention on what’s going on behind a respected University or a research centre financed by Telethon.
We are not asking for anaesthesia or improvements in the detention, we want to shout all our anger at the system of death, we want all this to be over now, we want the cries of pain to get out of those places and be heard everywhere. Let’s struggle until all cages are made empty and the power and ideology structures that legitimize and strengthen imprisonment are destroyed.
On 7th July we will be taking to the streets of Ferrara, where the Chemical Bio-medical Hub of the University of Ferrara can be found with its animal facilities (places with cages were animals destined to experiments are imprisoned and bred) and labs of vivisection on macaques, mice, rabbits and other animals.
Piazza Trento-Trieste (Ferrara)
4pm DEMO
7pm End of the demo and setting off to “La Casona”, via Ponticelli 43, Ponticelli di Malalbergo (Bologna) for the
[the program of the initiative is to be spread soon]
Translated by act for freedom now!

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