Happy May Day: Gentrifying Chicago Alderman’s Office Gets Smashed Up – USA



On the eve of May Day in Chicago, some folks took it upon themselves to bring the day back to its radical roots. Every year that goes by in Chicago, liberals and motherfuckers like the ISO try harder and harder to erase the origins of May Day. We see you and we don’t give a fuck about your bullshit marches. We’re bringing May Day back to it’s roots. May Day means attack. This is why we smashed out the windows of Joe Moreno’s office and left him a nice note on the facade explaining why.
Joe Moreno is the Alderman of the first ward in Chicago. He continues to sell out the first ward all while claiming to be a “progressive politician.” We don’t buy it. We see the families being torn apart and pushed out of this neighborhood. We see the luxury condos going up and the yuppies moving in. We see the hot new “MiCa” towers standing high above the rest of Logan Square as a reminder of things the poor can not afford. We see how you deflect and make excuses when you are confronted over these things. We tried the old channels for creating change and we know they are dead ends. We’re not waiting any longer to act. We will defend our communities against leeches like you.Every time you sign your approval onto a new luxury condo, know that we are watching, waiting, and planning our attack. This is only the beginning.
Solidarity with all who resist.
Cheers to a buck wild May Day!

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