Kavala, North Greece – Fascists attack and wound a comrade at his workplace


On Friday 22nd March a comrade who was working in a fast food outlet in Kavala was attacked at around midday by Triantafilios Alexandridis and Andreas Rigouli (the very people who pointed a gun at a comrade last year), two well-known figures of the para-state nazi gang known as Phoenix.  The attack happened in front of the fast food customers as the comrade was working during the busiest hour. Later the comrade was taken to hospital by his colleagues.
The fascists struck him with objects that caused fractures on the left hand side of the skull, the nose and around his eyes. They adopted their habitual strategy: one of them started talking to him and the other one struck him from the other side. The customers’ intervention limited the damage, but the fascists managed to leave the shop undisturbed. During the assault they also stole the comrade’s telephone.

Antifascists mobilized immediately and tried to locate the fascists, but it was too late: they had already hidden in their den patrolled by police.
It’s not the first time that fascists have gone on the attack on workplaces in Kavala; we can’t forget the storming and arson of a comrade’s shop during the Imia celebrations in January 2014. Like then, police protected their beloved sons.
The customers who threatened to report the aggressors to the police were threatened in their turn, as the two neo-nazis allegedly said the customers would be in trouble and anyway it would be pointless. When the shop owner tried to report the incident to the police, he was told ‘the comrade must also have done something’. It is therefore clear that there is collaboration between fascists and the Kavala police department, based on the cover and participation of Dias squads (motorbike police) in fascists’ attacks.
There are questions concerning the ‘Fight Gym’, where fascists do their training (Alexandridis on a professional level): do they know that their athletes beat up young students? Do they approve of women being attacked at the workplace?
As if this was not enough, on Thursday 23rd a comrade saw the two aggressors tranquilly having a coffee with members of the police, even if the night before he had named them in a statement concerning the incident. He had been repeatedly provoked.
However we are not at all surprised and we don’t expect anything better. It doesn’t matter how much fascists enjoy police protection: they can never feel safe.
There will come the time when one can’t take care of the other, and then we’ll give them all violence back.
Of one thing we are certain: police and nazis are in the same business.
Down with fascists, onward with comrades.
Italian translation by anarxikoikavalas
Translated from Italian by act for freedom now!

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