Greece – Responsibility claim for an attack on the premises of Pro Patria Fascists place


15th February 2017
Many years ago antifascist slogans went like this: ‘historical fascism is dead, day-to-day fascism is alive’.
The statement was correct for that historical period and it established a strategic direction against the fascistization of society. European societies were becoming havens of capitalism and countries that greeted migrants from defeated Eastern Europe; the first examples of social racism and state institutional racism and the rhetoric of the mass media were making their appearance in society.
In Greece neo-fascists were a bunch of employees of the police mechanism (basically all connected to military organizations, which during the resistance had collaborated with the Italian-German invaders and during the civil war had been identifying leftist people thus adding to the on-going massacre, and in the period after the civil war had political predominance), without political or organizational perspectives or any kind of confirmation in society except for a small right-wing group.
But in that period a first graft without pretensions took place in society with capitalist values. It was the epoch where ‘the winners of the end of history’ were becoming even more brutal and aggressive like all winners.
Both in western societies (for example with the violent dissolution of the welfare system) and on an international level (with the spreading of crusade wars by the axis of justice and democracy). War conditions are continuing today: at low tension within western countries and intense tension in various areas of the world (Iraq, Syria etc.). Now more than ever, within the system of global capitalistic crisis, societies have to form alliances, get used to the normality of constant war, take lessons in barbarism and racism, get used to seeing the army amusing themselves in the streets, recognize the enemies pointed out by the system as their own. Fall asleep with fear and wake up poorer but with national pride.

The globalization of the darkest values of Bourgeois society gives substance to the far right, which on an international level is gaining ground in both society and the institutions.
In Greece the pauperisation of wide social strata and the recent problem of dealing with migrants-refugees have created a lake of filth in which cannibalism can swim at ease. Of course the advantages that fascists gain from this situation don’t stop there. From sensible ministers’ (see Muzalas) and leftists’ humanitarian but substantially anti-migration speeches to democrats and Nazis all together on an island on the borders of Greece (where they sang the Greek anthem with great emotion), the extreme right endorses the historical-traditional relations (all in all well-remunerated economic relations) with the institutions and the state.
A reality pervades the history of the Greek state since its origin: the state’s osmosis (secret services, politicians behind the curtains, economic factors, etc.) with extreme right groups and the use the state makes of them to sort out dirty situations that it doesn’t want to tackle directly.
Decades ago with secret military associations, more recently with sub-governmental bodies, they are the responsible for attacks on political adversaries, for murders, for the creation of a state of emergency with provocations, attempted coups, and act as the bosses’ outstretched hands (strike-breaking mechanisms, attacks on the unions, etc.) At the same time they swim in the dirty waters of the economy, given that easy money is one of the main drives for their actions.
If it’s true that the state has continuity, it is certain that it also has deep state, dark politics behind the curtains and has its puppets, fascist nuclei and several para-state small groups. In the context of Greece in crisis, the main player of the right is Golden Down, the most important executioner of dirty jobs, whose envoy is a part of the state,  the senior secret services ranks, up to businessmen sympathetic to them.
Even if they have been a prevailing force in the milieu for 30 years, filth to be precise, they have competitors. For example, ex mafia member Riga’s LE.PEN and more recently APELA, the political expression of AME_C18, with the website Hellenic NS, backed by Periandros Andruzopulos, Golden Dawn’s vice chief and Mixalogliakos’ employee.
The fact is that if you are a puppet, you can bite only as far as your bosses allow you to. You are useful but within certain boundaries of action.  If you overstep the boundaries you might be frozen for as long as necessary. This is Golden Dawn’s situation today, as it appears to have been put against a wall in the ongoing process leaving activism to other groups. The dirty jobs are now being undertaken by several ‘infuriated’ and ‘disappointed’ followers. As a result the organization doesn’t appear active even as attacks on the deep state’s targets continue.
And equally important: in this way the different sprouts of the extreme right remain under the mother organization’s control. If you lift any stone from this slime you’ll find a squad-man that was in Golden Dawn and that is often active in the milieu. A simple study of the role of these groups will reveal a number of significant names (blood and honour, combat 18, hellas brigades, AME , hellenic ns, Apella, Black Giglio, etc.) which complete the scene in the extreme right palace (New right, L.E.P.EN, Baltakou party, Greek Conservatives network, etc.) Small groups of fascist scum that differentiate themselves only formally from the main representative of fascism in Greece, Golden Dawn, and present themselves as the disappointed ones who don’t accept or partly disagree with its lines and proclaim a sort of national-socialism without institutional limits. Expelled ones, members who left their parties and other lost sheep. All having the common denominator of political autonomy thought and the same availability for action.
 In the debris of the Nazi filth one organization in particular raised our curiosity: Pro Patria. The group shows off in martial art courses and similar festivals abroad (Italy, France, Poland, etc.) and at home (Kalamata). As a matter of fact this is a source for the enrolment of  members in the groups of attack of various para-state bodies. Its members have excellent relations with the latter, as they go to them and come from them. Communicating links, groups that occasionally change their stamp so as to give the impression that there are thousands of groups of attack,  certainly… autonomous! The Pro Patria group appears to be an organization that involves many of the bastards who set upon migrants-workers, comrades, the movement places and anyone who disagrees with their principles.
Recently, groups of comrades have been attacking some of its members as a response to the latter’s actions.
 As we carried on research on nazi channels and Pro Patria itself, we learned how it manages to protect its ‘problematics’ and actions in a closed space: the ‘natural’ place where its members can meet, train, have parties and musical soirees. Thinking that the security conspiracy rules they adopt (another feature they advertise to new members) would be sufficient to make the latter invisible (!) and safe (!!!), Pro Patria genial minds have begun to build up a point of reference for the ‘radical’ nazi filth, a phantom place that had to be discovered. And since perseverance and political-technical work produces results in the long run, we achieved a good result. We managed to track them and find their ‘secret’ place in the historical centre of Athens, on 7 Xrissospiliotissis road, third floor. And as it is well known that fascists can’t be far from the police, their place is a hundred metres from the Acropolis’ police headquarters, according to a tactic concerning all their premises in Greece. On Wednesday 8th February 2017, we comrades attacked the above mentioned place to demand new tenants and send the existing ones to hospital. We chose to act in the opening hours in order to attack not only the place but also the administrators responsible. Sadly we were unfortunate and they were fortunate because we only found Haris Stamataki. An important Pro Patria member who can be recognized from a photo recently taken during extreme right nationalist conventions, where he appears along with Dimitris Zafiropulos (ex-Golden Dawn member and editor), Haris Rigas of le.p.en and Panagiotis Doumas (of Failos Kranidiotis’ new right): we attach the photograph. We took away flags, propaganda material, caused damage and wrote antifascist slogans.
Research on nazi groups’ links will continue and so will the attack against them all. Those who represent the system’s outstretched hand will be faced by all of us who struggle and are ready to sever it. Whoever puts their hands on migrants, people who are different, comrades and the places of the movement will always be our target.
 Fascism can’t be defeated with some expert’s cruel violence or with institutional frauds that recycle social inefficiency. Our true strength is our hearts and minds, collective intelligence, perseverance and solidarity. Everyday political work that takes different forms is a necessary instrument in the struggle against fascism. A struggle that doesn’t begin or end with beating fascists in the streets, but permeates every hour of the day: against sexism, racism, authoritarian logic and behaviour. A hard and difficult struggle that will finish only when we have done with the system that gives life to, nourishes and protects fascist groups: the state, capital, patriarchy. In this way only will we make a clean sweep of fascism. Until then deep breath and total conflict.
Anarchy’s sleepless eye
Translated from Italian by act for freedom now!

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