Italy – Anarchist Alfredo Cospito, on his third day of hunger strike, shouts: ‘BREAK ISOLATION!’


Translated by act for freedom now!
From Alfredo’s letter which we received yesterday 04/05/17, we learn the hunger strike he started on 03/05/17 will continue for ten days, a hunger strike that follows extensive ongoing censorship and the blocking of incoming and outgoing letters, books, news, etc. sent in by many comrades.
In particular he writes that all the letters sent by one of the editors of CNA over the last month were blocked, 7 out of 7.
In his short letter he points out that censorship had already been extended to three months over a month ago, but has become even more insistent since the ending of investigations.
And according to what he tells us, things are even worse in Rebibbia.
He concludes his letter with a shout: ‘BREAK ISOLATION!’

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