Italy – Solidarity with Alfredo Cospito, on hunger strike, from the anarchist paper ‘Vetriolo’


Translated by act for freedom now!
On 3rd May anarchist Alfredo Cospito – imprisoned in the AS2 unit in Ferrara following the kneecapping of Adinolfi, managing director of Ansaldo Nucleare, and recently subjected to another arrest warrant following operation ‘Scripta Manent’ – has gone on hunger strike for ten days in protest at the censorship that is blocking most of his incoming and outgoing letters. Alfredo has asked comrades to send books, magazines, and other material in great numbers in support of his hunger strike and to break the isolation due to prison censorship.
Prosecutor Sparagna in Turin has imposed censorship on the comrades imprisoned following operation ‘Scripta Manent’. In recent months censorship has become harsher and many letters are systematically censored and blocked; books, papers, and all sorts of dispatches hardly ever reach their  destination. Censorship has also struck an article for Vetriolo that Alfredo sent us in December.
Likewise, an article written by Anna for another publication was seized in January. Furthermore no copy of our paper has been delivered to Alfredo or the other prisoners: copies were seized by the guards or they simply disappeared.

Clearly, if isolation of comrades has intensified and become so insistent, this mainly happens through censorship and blocking of letters. Clearly for power it is not acceptable that comrades continue to contribute to the debate between rebels and enemies of authority. If the miserable work of spying and censorship are being systematically intensified it is because power assumes and thinks it can destroy and silence anarchists in its prisons.
Therefore a brief analysis of this hideous instrument of dominion is necessary. A censorship veto is a measure ordered by a prosecutor, and it implies that every incoming and outgoing letter is read by the screw in charge of this disgusting job, scanned and sent to the prosecutor. The most interesting results of this process are to be used later during the trial. A further increase of the instrument is the blocking of letters: in this case the screw, obviously following guidelines dictated by magistrates, decides that a given letter not only will be photocopied and sent to the prosecutor – like all the others – but will also never reach the addressee. The qualitative leap applied to the comrades arrested last September within operation ‘Scripta manent’ is a systematic recourse to this kind of blocking. In recent months there has been a gradual intensification of letter-blocking, reducing all forms of communication and the prisoners being prevented from receiving any kind of revolutionary publication.
An objective dynamic, which needs to be watched and denounced without victimization. Also we can’t help noticing that this intensification doesn’t concern just one prison alone (and therefore the security paranoia of one particular screw or prison governor): clearly the Turin prosecutors are behind it. Those in solidarity must say loud and clear that who is responsible for this liberticidal attitude is Mr Sparagna.
Sparagna is not the usual ridiculous prosecutor as in any other anti-anarchist investigation. He’s a ‘hero’ of the anti-mafia. An important piece of the State appreciated by the good bourgeoisie, as proved by the solidarity he got from the association Libera, which even compared anarchists to the ‘ndrangheta. The way dominion chooses those it entrusts with its repressive operations, thanks to their skills or the symbolism they carry with them, is another aspect that shouldn’t be overlooked in the analysis and revolutionary practice of solidarity.
In the awareness that – now and not in some bright future – it is solidarity in revolutionary action that can break isolation and destroy prisons, we express our solidarity with Alfredo, who is on hunger strike, and with the anarchist prisoners.
The comrades editors of the anarchist paper Vetriolo

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