ATHENS – Responsibility claim for a coordinated attack during the night of Thursday May 4th on Vodafone shops



Translated by boubourAs for act for freedom now!


Responsibility claim for a coordinated attack on Vodafone shops

The crisis was and remains an opportunity for state and bosses to loot
large social strata. Thus, it could not leave our transportation in the
city unaffected since the attack we have experienced these last 7 years
intervenes in every aspect of the social field.

A main weapon in the arsenal of capitalist brutality is the demeaning of
concepts, conditions, words, perceptions. Thus, the restructuring
promoted in the means of public Transport does not only speak of
vandals, destroyers of public property, free-loaders and fare-dodgers.
Essentially, it excludes large social strata from the basic need of
transport in the urban web, rendering transport in the city some sort of
luxury. Our travels with means of Transport, whether used to go to work,
school or just a stroll, is an imposed necessity, an inseparable part of
the reproduction of capitalist relations since capital could not profit
like it does, without a network of fast transportation.

With a cost of over 125.000.000 euro, the restructuring and “purging” of
the means of public Transport imposes the increase of the already
expensive tickets -especially if one considers the quality of life,
wages, etc- the placement of turnstiles that will exclude all those who
cannot or choose not to purchase a ticket, cameras everywhere above our
heads in stations, carriages, buses, large groups of inspectors, who
like genuine headhunters have been unleashed on stops and stations.

In the frames of this “coveted” restructuring, electronic tickets and
new electronic travel cards come to become the epitome of the intended
social control and exclusions. The use of means of public Transport will
be allowed only to those who have acquired the new “smart” tickets and
cards, which will not only record our exact travels in the city, but
also depending on the distances we will cover they will calculate our
transport costs, which ceases to have a single price. Simultaneously,
beyond the complete recording of our travels, the new tickets contribute
to the unifying of all our official data -since their purchase requires
first and last name, photo, National insurance number etc.-
automatically creating in this way the profile of each of us, which
could at any moment be used for any repressive operation. The panopticon
society records, observes, controls, and archives our travels.

The implementation of this project, -concerning the electronic tickets
and cards- could not do without the cooperation of private and public
capital. As we were informed by the public auction of the contract,
Vodafone got it with a budget that reached 900.000 euro, while it will
be a 12month contract with the possibility of a 6month extension.
Vodafone is the one which with its “modern and sophisticated
technologies”, takes on the issuing of electronic tickets and cards, but
also the collection of sums of money from their “topping-up”, receiving
thus a portion of the social looting.

For these reasons, during the night of Thursday May 4th , we smashed and
threw paint on 7 Vodafone shops in neighbourhoods all around Athens
(Ag.Anargiroi, Zografou, Drapetsona, Petralona, Koukaki, Ilion, Pefki).

This move of ours is just one more pebble on the mosaic of multiform
actions and mobilizations against the attempted restructuring of the
functioning of the public means of Transport: from the exchange of
tickets with one another, to the conscious choice of not buying them,
from the removal of hundreds of validation machines and turnstiles at
the stations, to dealing with inspectors who learned first hand that the
choice they made has an equivalent cost.

The state, bosses and propaganda mechanisms of the mass Media must
understand that we are not demanding cheaper transportation or free use
of means of public Transport for other social groups besides the
unemployed (a well advertised measure from the side of government, which
in reality was imposed on by the movement), but we promote and fight for

No one gives us anything, we take everything on our own! Besides, the
lengthy delays of enforcing these measures are not at all random, since
their official start is extended to August 1st, factually proving that
multiform social resistances are a thorn in the plans of “those above”.
Its in our hand to spread this struggle even more so this restructuring
ends up in the garbage.


Attack the machines that control and observe our transportation, and
those (public-private) who get rich from the devaluation of our lives.


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