Greece , Athens – Responsibility claim for the attack on Omonia police station by Wild May group 16/5/2017


Translated by boubourAs for Act for freedom now!
About the attack on Omonia police station for the anniversary of the
death of anarchist guerrilla Christos Tsoutsouvis (May 15th)
For the revolutionaries who did not give away even a breath to the
hunters of the state.
For the guerrillas, who are winners from the first shot, feeding inside
them the last shot before they meet it in their journey.
May 15th 1985, a clash in Gizi area, anarchist Christos Tsoutsouvis,
member of the organization Anti-State Battle, shoots and drops 3 cops
who had ambushed him, on the spot. The last cop, before leaving his
futile life manages to shoot once. The bullet hits the comrade in the
heart. The cheerful comrade stole the fruits of history from the hands
of authority and gave it away to the community of freedom.
May 15th 2017, we attacked Omonia police station with molotov, together
with a few dozen other comrades. The decisiveness of this raiding
attack, its formation and complete element of surprise of the uniformed
torturers, gave us the opportunity to reach the door of their nest and
torch some cop-cars.

Omonia police station is a centre of mass arrests, torture, prosecution
and sending the poor people who live in the centre of the city. Within
those walls every day youths, petty criminals, drug addicts, sex workers
and immigrants experience state violence under their skin.
This effective attack on the base of police operations that constantly
takes place in the spacial and class border of capitalist metropolis, it
means attack on the guardians of exploitation and wretchedness,
Attack on state control and especially the enforcement of new systems of
control, like the means of public transport.
Attack on the national war again the immigrants and the waste of
Attack the civil galleys, the dictatorship of capital, to re-appropriate
all possibilities.
Counter-attack the targeting of hearths of struggle, occupations,
organized fighters and insurgents.
Solidarity with captive fighters, no tolerance for the administrators of
Honour to the dead guerrillas, continue the revolutionary war.
Fire to the scarecrows of dominance, so the shadows of fear and despair.
Direct action with all means available.
Revolutionary self-organization. Solidarity.
Wild May group

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