Anarchist call against the #G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany [gr/de/en/fr/es]



Greek: Αναρχικό κάλεσμα ενάντια στην σύνοδο κορυφής G20 στο Αμβούργο
German: Anarchistischer Aufruf gegen das G – 20 Treffen in Hamburg
English: Germany: Anarchist call against the G20 summit in Hamburg
French: Alemania: Llamado anarquista de cara a la cumbre del G-20 en Hamburgo
Spanish: Appel anarchiste contre le sommet du G20 à Hambourg
Our resistance against the G-20 summit does not want to be „victorious“ in the sense of preventing this event. It just could be the beginning of something that could also start on any other day: The self-empowerment of the individual over the existing and the (self) organization in collective structures. But just a call to that one would hardly pay attention. Therefore,
Attack G-20 summit!
Throw Hamburg into chaos!
Destroy the European fortress!

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