Besançon, France: Faced with repression, we don’t put our heads down!


Aucune_Ambition_Sauf-300x168Two people were arrested by the BAC after the dispersal of the Anti-electoral demonstration on 7 May, evening of the second round of the Presidential elections.
They are accused of tagging bank windows.
Two days later during the blockade of Lycée Pasteur, it was a young high school student who got herself embarked for fiercely resisting pigs. Anti-riot, several of whom were on her during her arrest.
We were keen to learn that she had defeated her handcuffs to try to escape. Without success unfortunately, but the beauty is in the gesture and intention, as they say!
So, it stirred us with enough rage in the belly to bite to full tilt the tyres of domination: two trucks of JC-Decaux have paid the price.
In front of Lycée Pasteur, slogans appeared two evenings in a row: “Solidarity with Louna – ACAB; No ambition in this world except that of destroying it! (AT) ” ; EN M (A) RGE “.
Sure St. Joseph’s Church, tags have come to line these dull walls: “Neither shepherd nor flock” and “Down with charity – Long live solidarity!”.
All three are on trial on Sunday, 31 May. Until then, foutons le zbeul [let’s make a mess] !
[Published on Indy Nantes, Friday 19 May 2017]
Translated by Act for freedom now!

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