[Nea Ionia-Athens] Taking responsibility for SPEEDEX:


Maybe we are born
under the same sky
but the only thing some will feel
is its weight
For our bosses, to die working is not a metaphor, but resembles in a macabre way their contempt for our lives.
There where death is highlighted as an accident, as the bad moment that tomorrow will have been forgotten. There where exploitation encompasses all of our being and cuts the thread of our life. There nests the cynical acceptance that for our bosses we are nothing more than expendables.
We however that live within the modern labour camps, with the flexibility and/or lengthening of our work schedule, the intensification of production and the lacking or nonexistent safety measures, we know every death during work is not coincidental or by chance. For us the value of life is non-negotiable and attacking it can only be defined as war. Class War.
At dawn of Friday 7th April, we torched two parked company cars of Nea Iwnia department of SPEEDEX at Irakliou Avenue.
Our attack is a minimal response to the death of Panagiotis Brettaros, employee of that specific company, at 14/02/2017 during work
Translated by”midnight express”for act for freedom now!

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