Umbria, Italy – 25th April and 1st May: actions against supermarkets and exploitation


We receive from anonymous mail and spread:
25th April, first of May. For us there’s really nothing to celebrate. For us there will be no liberation as long as one boss is alive. Less than ever can we celebrate Mayday, which from the exploited (the workers?) celebration has become the exploiters’ celebration (Work Day).
But of course, to go and slave away while the State’s clowns and reformist spokespersons celebrate pisses us off a little. For this reason in the morning of 25th April in Foligno we attacked with simple means a Terranova shop that intended to celebrate liberation day with a 25% discount on 25th April… cheers!
We left graffiti 25TH APRIL NO LIBERATION UNTIL ONE BOSS IS ALIVE and superglue in the locks.
On 1st May we attacked Globo clothing store in Spoleto and left graffiti there MAYDAY I DON’T CELEBRATE I DON’T WORK I STRUGGLE and a similar action on the locks.
Translated by act for freedom now!

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