Italy – Croce Nera Anarchica: call for support to the solidarity fund


Croce Nera Anarchica
Translated by act for freedom now!
As there’s a constant need for money to support the imprisoned comrades and we have to face so many expenses, we once again call on the individualities and anarchist spaces that can/want contribute to the Fund of the Croce Nera Anarchica project.
Here are the details:
1) The fund supports the anarchists imprisoned following operation“Scripta Manent”, Anna Beniamino, Valentina Speziale, Danilo Cremonese, Marco Bisesti, Alessandro Mercogliano, Alfredo Cospito, with a payment of 100 euros made every 15 days.
The same amount is spent in support to anarchist Davide Delogu from Sardinia. Occasionally, when funds are available, payments are also made in support to anarchist Maddalena Calore; we say occasionally because there are already individualities that support her.
So we have to face a monthly expense of 1,500 euros only to send money to imprisoned comrades.
2) In addition, owing to the needs of comrades and relatives who make visits to prison we will also have to finance their journeys when need be, given that visits are of paramount importance.
3) In anticipation of the trial for operation “Scripta Manent”, huge legal expenses will also have to be met.
4) Every month, sometimes more than once, books and news of what happens outside – actions, claims, episodes of repression, various publications, etc. – are sent in to prisons. Also quite expensive telegrams are sent in whenever something urgent such as transfers, confinement, hunger strike, etc. happens.
To support the fund:
Postepay card number:  4023 6009 1934 2891
Account name: Omar Nioi
If you want to send a contribution for a specific cause, you can tell us by writing to
The editors of Croce Nera Anarchica

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