Turin, Italy – Pronouncement of the court of review concerning the comrades arrested on 3rd May and a letter from Camille, Giada and Fabiola


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Translated and summarized by act for freedom now!
The court of review, chaired by judge Loretta Bianco, has decided that comrades Antonio Pittalis, Franciso Tosina and Antonio Rizzo are to remain in prison, whereas Giada, Fabiola and Camille are to be held under house arrest with no possibility of communication with the outside, meaning that they won’t be able to have visits, telephone calls or letters from friends, family members and comrades unless the latter live with them in the same home. As for the charges, that of kidnapping was dropped whereas that of aggravated resistance is still in force.
We urge everybody to write to the comrades in prison:
Antonio Pittalis
Antonio Rizzo
Francisco Esteban Tosina
C.C. Lorusso e Cutugno
Via Maria Adelaide Aglietta 35
10151 Torino
Here follows a letter from Camille, Giada and Fabiola, which they wrote in prison before they were transferred to house arrest. During their detention in the Vallette they had the chance to hear the demo being held in solidarity with them outside the prison and to answer the greetings. A screw promptly intervened to tell them off and the comrades reacted furiously. For this reason they were charged with insulting a public official and had their two hours of sociality suspended, that is to say the time four prisoners can spend together in a cell.
Le Vallette 15/05/2017
Tired of watching

Tired of watching the news bulletins talking about the thousands who die in the sea every year. Tired of watching the forces of order raiding the streets on ethnic grounds. Tired of watching those who can’t afford to pay rent ending up on the streets. Tired of watching people running away from the municipal police with their bags of cheap wares. Tired of seeing the State’s cops killing people and hearing that these are just collateral incidents.
Tired of watching, we decided not to submit to the hypocrisies of this epoch anymore and to clearly express our anger at all wars, all uniforms, all the structures for migrants’ control and regulation, all prisons and anyone who lives on the exploitation of others.
We decided to live in a neighbourhood that is being dramatically redeveloped, where to struggle also means to never get used to watching politics carry out its work undisturbed, but to create hell when entire buildings are evicted and abusive electricity connections are cut off.
In the very streets where shops, restaurants and elite venues are opening, true social cleansing is taking place, for example by moving Balon and Suk and chasing out anyone considered indecent. In Turin, as well as in other cities in Italy and Europe, the purpose is also that of pacifying so-called ‘popular’ neighbourhoods, but we hope this won’t happen peacefully.
On 3rd May we were arrested with other comrades and charged with interfering with a carabinieri control. Anyone can see the systematic procedure with which repression smashes the doors of those who don’t want to surrender to the ineluctability of the present.
In fact, what is being indicted is our will to keep looking for complicity and collective moments of resistance.
We’ll still be there like thorns in the side of a society that wants to see us resigned, as we are convinced that freedom can be found in the alchemic transformation of indifference into solidarity, of isolation into self-organization and fear into action.
Giada, Kam, Fabiola


Turin, Italy – Update on the 3rd May arrests and a letter from one of the arrested comrades

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