Modena, Italy – Premises of the neo-nazi group “Terra dei Padri” [Land of the Fathers] set on fire


Translated by act for freedom now
From the local media of 25th May we learn of the burning of the premises of the neo-nazi group “Terra dei Padri”.
The premises had already been the target of trashing and graffiti in recent months; according to the reconstructions in this case, at around 2am inflammable liquid was set alight and thrown into the building through a window that had been broken previously.
The building was declared unsafe and there were no casualties.
It was also reported that ANPI [Italian Partisans National Association] have demanded a rapid inquiry and that the perpetrators be punished in an exemplary way. They also asked that the transitory XII rule of the Constitution be complied with and that the related ‘Scelba’ and ‘Mancino’ laws be applied.

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