Bologna, Italy – Bologna capital of the environment: the monsters are coming to the city, the city looks even more monstrous


G7_dichiarazione di interesse
G7 and Bologna capital of the environment: when the monsters come to the city, the city looks even more monstrous
The planet is dying, species are being decimated, biodiversity is being reduced, ecosystems are collapsing, entire territories are being exploited to the limit and beyond devastation, air, water, soil are no longer sources of life but of danger and death. The State responds to all this with summits, useless gatherings and protocol that give Capital’s voracity a green face. On 10th, 11th, 12th July the 7 most powerful environment ministers of the planet are meeting up in Bologna, united in the intent to reconcile their reciprocal interests and make a well-known paradox possible: the unlimited exploitation of limited resources. The new genial idea is the concept of ‘circular economy’, a new name for a forty-year-old idea: to reduce waste, increase profit and save from collapse a system that risks becoming the cause of its own end thanks to its insatiable voracity. A very challenging task, certainly, but possible solutions might well come out. Of course, the price is the radical transformation of our lives and the planet, the latter becoming an even worse hell and wild nature being substituted with an artificial productive surrogate. A hell of technological control to which a city like Bologna with its excellence in high technology and industrial research, gives a very important contribution: UNIBO, CNR, ENEA, IOR ( to mention only a few) and known financiers are uniting to make an unsustainable and suffocating system sustainable.

At this time of heartfelt discussions between good souls intent on making the world a better place, we too feel like making a suggestion: pull out the plug, get rid of Capitalism, its industries and poisons, States and their environment monster-ministers, ants’ nest-cities, their anxiety of technological control, social noxiousness and the impossible lives it produces, the paradox of unlimited progress and limited resources and the millions of lives it feeds off, in a word the end of techno-industrial society.
A radical answer to radical problems. Proposals that are frightening, real, but how much more frightening is, if we just think about it, the life they are offering us in this world of poisons and the end we’ll come to when their promises crash in front of the inevitability of climate change?
Moreover, we find it unacceptable that the haven of lies, interests and abuse that these ministers represent is met with nothing less than first-rate reception. Everything will be suspended in the city in order to greet the 7 monsters: prohibited zones, traffic disruption, at least 500 auxiliary forces of order personnel between police, army and financial police. The city will have to be pacified and well disposed. The monsters’ coming will make this city even more monstrous. While the event is extraordinary, its logic is all too well known to us: the poor, excluded, rebels are to be shut out so that the city can be available to other social categories, be they subject-citizens who know how to behave properly, tourists prepared to spend money or the powerful in charge to whom one must bow.
Bologna is used to space reduction and the questioning of incompatible forms of life, on 10th, 11th and 12th June this thing will be brought to everybody’s attention even more: it will be made clear to anyone who the bosses of the city are, who can put it in order at their leisure and what an ‘available’ city is. The task of those who see the city being taken from them and are being put aside is obvious, it is that of taking the city back and possibly turning it upside-down. It’s clear to us that there’s no longer any red zone in these areas, the entire city has become a huge red zone: hostile and impossible to walk through. It would be really wonderful to see it become impassable not for the enemies of today’s society but for its governors and guardians.
We are the living rage of a planet that’s dying!
Translated by act for freedom now!

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