Italy – Anarchist comrade Juan’s communique, from freedom…



Translated by act for freedom now!
Hola comrades!
In the end an arrest warrant for one year’s imprisonment  got me, following a sentence in 2012 (more or less) for giving false ID in Val Clarea, during one of the many controls by the Sardinian hunters and digos. I’ve got several other trials that are about to come (interrupting a procedure for a TSO [compulsory psychiatric treatment] in Bologna back in 2007, the mega NO TAV trial following the events of 3rd July 2011…), which will add more years to my CV.
At first I didn’t want to write anything public, I wanted to leave everything in ‘silence’, the silence where one doesn’t know what to say or do…
But thinking it over, it’s better not to!
I decided that I want to stay ‘free’ as long as I’m able to run, good!
Then ‘whatever happens take it in your stride’, be it positive or negative, I’ll try to live it as intensely as possible.

I’m not going to stay put, it’s not in my nature to adapt to society, I’ve been thinking a lot about this: it’s not my way and I’ll keep on coming out (within my limits) with my thoughts and agrammatical criticism, I’ll keep on contributing to the struggle with my personal conception of anarchism, I’ll keep on struggling in any situation I’ll find suited to my situation.
I’m fine in spite of the many changes in every aspect of life, it’s hard to leave your loved ones, but I’m determined , solitude can be hard when you’re not used to it, but solitude doesn’t mean to be alone and I know that; when a friend’s thoughts come to the surface, when I read a book, when I face everyday problems, when sadness comes over me, when I see the Himalayas or the sea of Greenland or walk in the desert at home…
A dear friend told me ‘laugh at the novelty you meet on the road’. That was prophetic because when I contemplate the great little things of life, I often find myself smiling without realising it! Then I breathe, breathe and breathe…
I send greetings to Monica, to whom I wrote from prison, I’m glad you got out of jail; to the comrades in Spain who decided to reject custodial measures with the campaign ‘side by side’, I’m with them!
To Alfredo on hunger strike;
To those recently arrested in Turin;
To Scripta Manent, strength!
To all the friends and comrades I couldn’t say goodbye to.
Crest high. For anarchy.

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