Athens: Banner for “Scripta Manent” case.


As a minimal sign of complicity and solidarity, we displayed a banner at the Polytechnic on Patision the night of June 19th.
Comrades in Italy, and specifically the 7 comrades of Croce Nera Anarchica, Radioazione and, with the new operation which started at 2/6/17, are accused of articles 270bis (subversive association with purposes of terrorism) in conjunction with the anarchist comrades under investigation in the first part of the OP. Scripta Manent for the same things, and 414 of penal code (criminal solicitation, always with purposes of terrorism). This is the continuation of the first operation “Scripta Manent” where bastard Roberto Maria Sparagna organized, in order to suppress the comrades who spread the words and keep the flame of rebellion alive.
Be strong!
We stand on their side and give them the boost, with all means , to continue.
For a dangerous June!
Traces of Fire
**The banner**
With FAI-IRF we are together
direct execution to every reformer
Power  to the persecuted
of operation Scripta Manent



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