Channel Islands prison is first to use ‘disruptor’ to create drone-proof ‘shield’ around jail – UK


Prison island has become the world’s first to use a new repressive technological system designed to stop drones flying over perimeter walls to drop contraband into prisons.
The device creates a 2,000ft (600m) shield around and above a prison that will detect and deflect the remote-controlled devices. It uses a series of “disruptors”, which are sensors to jam the drone’s computer, and block its frequency and control protocols. The operator’s screen will go black and the drone will be bounced back to where it came from.
The new system, called Sky Fence, is being installed at Les Nicolles prison on Guernsey island, where around 20 “disruptors” will be put in place on the perimeter and inside. The Channel Island jail was initially going to install a drone detection system, but went a step further to put in the technology that stops drones in-flight.



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