ANTIFA India needs your help to spread and grow!


Who are we?
Dear Comrades,

We are some of many antifascists of the State of India. And alive. For now. Yes, the totalitarian, fascist nightmare is already here.

And as such, we want to start ANTIFASCIST ACTION in India as there still isn’t one officially. We want to reach out to as many International ANTIFA groups as possible through the intrawebs because we believe that the visibility of Indian Antifascists in the post-globalised world is imperative to its new anti-casteist, anti-classist, feminist, anti-heirarchical, anti-fascist, anti-capitalist and indigenous revolutions blooming at every corner of this land. As Savarnas and the petit-bourgeoisie enjoying the freedom of the Internet and education we intend to amplify the voices of the most marginalised of Indian society — the ones already waging daily battles against the nexus of neo-liberal, capitalist Corporate Raj and the Brahminical State in the fields, factories, sweatshops, workshops, forests, classrooms and the streets, armed with stones, education and rifles alike — we want to spread the word of revolution brewing inside the minds of the Indian Proletariat and connect solidarities from the comrades outside of India that they are yet to meet and pass the mic on to the ones who do not have access to the stage.


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