Narrm/ Melbourne, so-called ‘Australia’: Wilson Parking Ticket Machines Sabotaged in Solidarity with Refugees in Detention


21.06.17: Disgusted at the absurd charade that is ‘Refugee Week’, a week of hypocrisy that has even been endorsed by the DIBP (Department of Immigration and Border Protection), we visited the Wilson car park in Cremorne and sabotaged 3 of their ticket machines with expanding insulation foam. The Wilson group profiteer from so-called ‘Australia”s offshore concentration camps for refugees and their ‘security guards’ are responsible for perpetuating gross acts of violence against detainees whose only ‘crime’ is to seek asylum in so-called ‘Australia’.
We encourage others to engage in creative and diverse acts that directly target the corporations, state institutions / apparatuses, and individuals who are complicit in perpetuating so-called ‘Australia”s racist policy agenda towards refugees and those in detention.
Some anarchists against all forms of detention

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