Naples, Italy – Anti-prison demo in solidarity with Maurizio Alfieri



Naples – 24th June – 2pm
Anti-prison demo outside Poggioreale (Piazzale Cenni opposite the court)
On the side of those who struggle
On 24th June we’ll be outside the walls of Poggioreale prison to reconfirm our solidarity with Maurizio Alfieri and all the prisoners who don’t bow down and struggle for their dignity every day in the state’s cages.
Maurizio was transferred to Poggioreale from the prison of Opera in Milan; he was deported as a form of punishment after he struggled with other prisoners. They staged a protest and also collected hundreds of signatures to get better life conditions for all without giving in to the blackmail of bonuses. In prison even a shower with hot water can be a conquest to be achieved with hard struggles. That’s why those who continue to struggle in jail are being repressed with transfers hundreds of kilometres from home, beatings and the application of the notorious article14bis, a means for further isolation within the prison, even harsher than 41bis but one that strikes indiscriminately the entire prison population. The transfer to Poggioreale didn’t come by chance; the Neapolitan prison is one of the worst in Italy as prisoners and their families know well. On the occasion of Maurizio’s coming they reopened the basement of the Avellino section, where there are cells reserved to those serving a very rigid confinement regime.

Within the ancient Bourbon walls about 2,000 prisoners are crammed in unbearable overcrowding; ‘suicides’ are the routine and psychiatrization through massive administration of psychotropic drugs dehumanizes hundreds of prisoners. On top of that, every day prisoners have to cope with the arrogance and disgusting attitude of the screws who don’t tolerate anyone who refuse to bow to their cowardice. A treatment very well known to anyone who happened to be in Italian jails, one which is striking Maurizio too. As he recently wrote in a letter: ‘… the guards’ meanness and cowardice have no limits. As I go by I’m not allowed to give a cigarette or a glass of water to anybody. They close the armoured doors and peepholes. They do this to make me seem a repentant. In spite of that I found many people in solidarity.’
We believe that prison and the society that needs it have to be destroyed; we are convinced that we can do it only by struggling inside and outside, forging relations and spreading solidarity, carrying out direct actions against those who want us to be submitted and unable to react every day.
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