>Expropriation at Carrefour



10 09 2010September 8, 2010
The Heroes of 1917 Unit has attacked the offices of exploitative French company Carrefour, stealing a significant sum of ill-gotten money from the exploitative company, which is covering up its firing of employees with the support of the Kirchnerist bourgeois mafioso government. Additionally, we stole a weapon and ammunition from a member of the Argentine Naval Command, which carried out repressive assignments for the exploitative business. The oppressor was taught a severe lesson at our hands: Don’t mess with the revolutionary fighters of the Luciano Arruga Brigade.
Apart from recovering resources, this action was carried out as a protest measure against the French state’s xenophobic treatment of the Rom ethnic group, which it deported from its territory in an imitation of some of the worst abuses of the Nazi era.
Also, against the downsizing policy directed at the Carrefour workers.
—Heroes of 1917 Unit
—Luciano Arruga Brigade

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