>Emergency Action in Support of Indigenous Mapuche Political Prisoners



Date and Time: 
Fri, 17/09/2010 – 12:00pm2:00pm
Chilean Consulate Level 13, 390 St Kilda Road Melbourne, Australia

Nearly 60 days after Mapuche political prisoners initiated an indefinite liquid hunger strike, we are calling to support and demonstrate our concern for the health and wellbeing of 32 Mapuche, who, with this action, are resisting the lack of justice and respect from the Chilean State. The Mapuche people are currently subjected to frequent violent raids, where the victims are usually children and elders; the indiscriminate and fi…xed use of protected witnesses including minors; the excessive duration of investigations headed by the Public Ministry that only perpetuate preventive imprisonment. This action is one of last resort to the levels of injustices levelled at the Mapuche people, inflicted by a Government not only unconcerned with negotiations, but who are actively deteriorating the circumstances for the Mapuche.
The mobilisation of the hunger strike seeks to face the right wing administration, which has created a raft of judicial accusations to avoid dealing with the real demands of Mapuche people.
We denounce the infamy of the right-wing government of Sebastian Piñera that have completely ignored the demands and mobilisations of Mapuche political prisoners throughout different jails of the Chilean State (Lebu, Angol, Concepcion, and Valdivia).
We condem the Chilean State, which applies anti-terrorist legislation to criminalize the rights, life, freedom, dignity and autonomy of the Mapuche Nation.
We stand in solidarity with all Mapuche political prisoners. We support the petition of Mapuche Political prisoners, and hold it to be a concrete solution to the historic and ancestral struggle of Mapuche people.
a) Immediate devolution of Mapuche ancestral territories and land.
b) Freedom for all Mapuche Political Prisoners.
c) No to the application of Law No. 18.314, the Antiterrorist Law against Mapuche people, because of their just demand of justice and self-determination.
d) No more judicial processes using the testimonies of Protected, faceless or anonymous witnesses.
e) We demand a fair trial for Mapuche Political prisoners keeping in jail without sentence .
f) End the double jeopardy of Civil/Military Courts in Mapuche cases.
g) Demilitarization of the Mapuche communities in conflict along with Forestry and Multinationals companies.
h) No to Mining Projects on Lake Lleu-Lleu.
i) Stop to the political persecution of the Mapuche Nation by the Chilean State.
j) No more assassinations.
k) The disqualification of the anti-Mapuche prosecutor, Miguel Angel Velazquez, for his unconstitutional actions in the judicial process – Corrupt, torturer and racist.
l) The incapacity of Judge of the Lautaro Court, Haydee Roa.
m)The incapacity of the State Prosecutor, Mr. Alexander Schneider Oyanedel, for being the defence lawyer in the case of the San Leandro Estate, and later becoming the State Prosecutor in the same case.
We call upon all social, political and workers organisations, to join us in solidarity and support the hunger strike of 32 adults and 2 minors Mapuche political prisoners, in all the prisons along Chile.
Freedom for all the Mapuche political prisoners!
(Moreover, said law has three minors in preventive prison, that violate the right of the Child and that the State and its various governments have chosen to ignore. All of this each day makes us believe more that our demands are just. In this way, we wish to greet our Mapuche brothers that are currently on hunger strike throughout different jail of the Chilean State. Much strength to them and that they do not let themselves give in to the racist laws imposed by the Anti-Mapuche prosecutor.)
Called by: Chilean Popular & indigenous Solidarity Network
Supported by: Latin American Solidarity Network (LASNET)

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