Italy – Updates on Maurizio Alfieri and a letter by him

Translated by act for freedom now!
We receive some extracts of a letter by Maurizio Alfieri, a prisoner on struggle, and updates on him:
Maurizio is totally isolated from the other prisoners; he was taken to a unit previously closed (probably unfit for living) and now reopened for him. As he was been taken to the visiting room the guards closed all the other prisoners’ peepholes. A serious matter concerning him is the attempt of the prison administration of Poggioreale to spread the rumour he’s collaborating with the justice system, but some of his friends imprisoned in Poggioreale are denying the false rumour.
Maurizio will be kept in solitary confinement for 3 months.
The hearing of 8th March is to be postponed following his lawyer’s request of legitimate impediment.
Extracts from a letter of 5th May from Poggioreale
And the gentlemen at the Opera prison had ‘forced’ me to make troubles, because if they touch my Letters  I’ll start publishing everything, and for the moment they are behaving here, but let’s wait because it’s too early to say, and I’ll know it from the people in solidarity whom I always find wherever I go… I learned the ‘morsy’ alphabet, see what we have to do… like when we were at the elementary school…

[…] then I wrote you a letter but it was blocked and sent to the surveillance magistrate and I’m waiting for his answer to authorize the posting… I ‘think’ the reason is a joke on the governor of Opera, and anyway I say to you to be my spokesperson and thank all the comrades and solidarity people who helped with the money, which is never enough
[…] they don’t understand the cowardice I had to endure at Opera and more than a year of isolation with lies-abuse-revenge, etc.
[…] then I’ll let you know as soon as I sort it out…
On 8th June we’ll see each other in Udine, and I can’t wait to see you all and so I look forward to that day, then […]
my prison condition is worse than that of 41bis, now I’m waiting to know if they give me more openness, given that I didn’t make any kind of troubles, they are all well-mannered, but I don’t like the fact they don’t allow anybody (anybody) to come close to me, not even the workers; moreover I’m isolated by a ‘plestigas’ barrier with a locked gate, also in the night, and if I fall ill I might well die, now I wrote to the governor about all this and let’s see the answer, even if they are setting up a water closet for me because I’ve got problems with my knees due to infiltrations, after 40 years of running every day I damaged my cartilage, but the locked armoured door in the unit makes me anxious, not only because I was ill one night and they didn’t hear me but also because I didn’t want to wake up anybody and I didn’t scream, now I expect some common sense, and I’m confident, because I spoke to the governor and the chief, and I have to say I find them reliable, they allowed me to get a parcel with some food, and these are not given to anybody here, that’s for sure, their problem is that I might spread news of abuse but if there was no abuse?? There’s no such problem, so let’s see what they say, and I have to say I asked to be transferred near home, they are ready to support my request, the problem is the DAP [Department of Prison Administration] and let’s see if they want to continue with retaliations against me, certainly the demos annoy them ‘a lot’ and indeed in 2015 they were ‘livid’ because of that, now if they don’t want to transfer me there’ll be the chance to give them even more ‘annoyance’ and this time besides all of you we’ll involve politicians and associations, but anyway as I told you I’m calm and confident, even if they ‘reserved’ me a transfer in a unit of ‘psychic’ patients…  only now are they becoming ‘disciplinary’… let’s see if they transfer me ‘full stop’… you see now it’s 9pm, all the cells are closed, and also the ‘gate’!!! and this is worse than anything… let’s see what they answer to my letter.
I give you and all the comrades a brotherly hug and all the best.

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