Solidarity with Mexican Anarchist Prisoner Fernando Bárcenas in Solitary


Fernando is an anarchist compañero, a prisoner in North Prison in Mexico City since 2013, who since his detention has been active in various projects. Much of his time in prison has been spent in solitary. Since the last hunger strike he participated in with three other compañeros (Miguel Peralta, Abraham Cortés and Luis Fernando Sotelo) as part of a struggle launched from various prisons in September 2016, Fernando Bárcenas was transferred to a solitary unit in the prison and has been held there for more than nine months as punishment for his rebellious existence and for being a compañero who continues to support the fight for total freedom with proposals and actions.
The area where Fernando is held is filled with the constant conflict and tension of solitary, which is worse in his case since they never pass up a chance to harass him. All of this has caused health problems for our compañero, putting at growing risk his emotional and physical health. The situation has worsened in recent weeks, which is why we are sending an urgent, widespread call to demand an immediate end to Fernando Bárcenas being held in solitary and to extend our solidarity with him. We also ask all to be on alert and to spread this information and that which will come out in the following days.
We want Fernando Bárcenas in the streets
Until all are free
July 2017
Prison Address:
Reclusorio Preventivo Varonil Norte
Calle Jaime Nuno no. 155
Colonia Guadalupe Chalma, Cuautepec Barrio Bajo
C.P. 07210 Gustavo A. Madero
Ciudad de México
Telephone: 5306 4540 / 5306 2540

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