Grete , Xania – [Azadi] fly poster Welcome to Greece


Welcome to Greece, 2017. Here, you can swim into our lovely blue sea, visit the picturesque sights and enjoy the amazing Mediterranean sun. It  goes without saying that all facilities and services provided are in position of covering all your needs. Exotic cocktails, traditional food, tours and transfers, parties to dance the night away, you name it. And, of course, always with a smile, the most essential feature of the famous Greek hospitality.
A smile, however, deeply covered in hypocrisy for years, and only apparent wherever there is the slightest chance of profit. A smile which, in the name of money, does whatever it takes in order to sweep the real situation under the mat.
They will never show you the appalling conditions under which people in touristy hotels and restaurants work. No one will ever say a word about the thousands of refugee and immigrant deaths during their attempt to  cross  the  sea
and finally   arrive   in  the  so-called civilized West.
No one   will    ever   mention    the concentration camps  that  have  been  “offering hospitality” to those who managed to survive. You will not be able to admire the magnificent military technological achievements that take off from Souda, killing the people of the Middle East. You won’t feel the wretchedness of the homeless and the needy, piling up in the streets of die big cities. You won’t experience racism and xenophobia prevailing in large parts of the society (obviously, only towards the poor). You won’t be able to perceive the obscene policy of our “radical Left” government, which has been withdrawing, one after the  other, whatever is left from our labor achievements, or listen to what several “philanthropists” , businessmen and industrialists have to say, complaining about the country image, demanding a ban on all demonstrations.
That is Greece today, no matter how fancy the packaging that foreign and local rulers are trying to wrap around it. What we need is to get over with the rotten capitalist system, which has always been laying tremendous social/class inequalities and is being fed by draining the subject classes.
Thus, we have to fight it, in every part of the world ,
until its total overthrow.
Smash the fences of shame
build solidarity bridges

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