France, Good news: Damien Camelio was released from prison on June 29


Indymedia Nantes / Friday 14 July 2017
Damien Camelio, imprisoned in Fleury-Mérogis since the beginning of December 2016 for damage during the wild demonstration of April 14, 2016 during the “Work movement!” was released on June 29.
He had been sentenced on January 19 2017, beyond the requisitions of the procurator, to ten months with a committal order (so remaining in Fleury where he had been since he was arrested on 8 December) and € 14,000 damages and interest for civil claims.
Freedom for all,
Fire to the prisons!
Liberté pour toutes et tous,

Feu aux prisons !

Translated by Act for freedom now!
 via: Attaque

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