Mexico – Update on the Situation of Anarchist Prisoner Fernando Bárcenas


After being locked in my cell in Zone 7 of the C.O.C. (Observation and Classification Center), on Wednesday, July 19, 2017, I went before a hearing of the Technical Interdisciplinary Council. It determined that I could not return to general population due to the conflict that happened the previous week for which I was taken to the Maximum Security Unit (M.M.S.), where I am currently in segregation in the Hexagon Area for security reasons.
Similarly, when the jailers searched my belongings at the entrance to the M.M.S., looking through my things they found papers with my writings and personal letters, which also included the general outline of “El Canero” newspaper. [A newspaper of prisoners’ writings, founded by Fernando.] They confiscated that from me and then began to behave violently, going through my personal correspondence and concluding with a threat directed at me, saying, “They can kill you for what you say” and “Stop already with your newspaper,” letting me know that by writing and expressing my ideas I violated the security of the institution and that is the reason why I should remain in segregation.
It’s worth mentioning that because of the earlier conflict, I couldn’t share a cell with anyone, one supposes in order to protect my life and safety. Yet even with that, upon arriving at the Hexagon Area they put me in a cell with eight other people who I don’t know and who inspire distrust in me. I hold the Technical Council responsible for what may happen, as this is once again a pretext to keep me in conditions of confinement and punishment.
Fernando Bárcenas
July 20, 2017


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