Pisa, Italy – Solidarity gathering following police operation against comrades of Galeone Occupato squat


Start: 20/07/2017 – 11:00
End: 20/07/2017 – 13:00
At 4:30am on 12th July, DIGOS and ROS wearing balaclavas, carrying guns and shooting in the air, stopped four comrades of the Galeone Occupato squat in the centre of Pisa. One of them was arrested and later served with an order of prohibition of residence in Pisa and the province. A hearing will be held on Thursday 20th July at 9am at the court in Pisa. Solidarity with those who struggle against this inferno!
We also express solidarity with those arrested following the G20 in Hamburg!
‘Constable Spara… And who’s he?
‘We don’t know him’
‘Of course his gun dropped and a shot was fired’
‘This is the most likely version’
– A homicide chief officer to brigadier Biglia –
Investigation of a Citizen above Suspicion (1970)
In the night between 11th and 12th July four comrades of the Galeone Occupato squat were stopped in the centre of Pisa by over ten policemen, DIGOS and ROS, the latter wearing balaclavas. Anti-terrorism paranoia led them to shoot four shots in the air (something police chief Alberto Francini denied in the daily Il Tirreno), as they aimed at the comrades’ faces, threatening and trying to intimidate them, hunting for explosives and bombs and even insinuating that they would call bomb disposal experts to deal with a SUV parked nearby. In the end the comrades were taken to the police station where they were warned not to call lawyers until they started speaking.

Here is yet another so-called ‘antiterrorism’ operation, which allowed the Defenders of the Law to seize 4 spray paint cans, a cement spatula, hoodies, rucksacks and house keys, the latter being ‘criminal evidence’. Metal tools that traffic police vehicles lose become, in the eyes of the police in their desperate and paranoid search for something, tools for breaking locks. So the result of the night was that all were charged with aggravated resistance to public officials and one comrade arrested, just so as not to remain empty-handed. The charge, which they always have recourse to when they don’t have anything else, is just one means of repression like many others, guaranteeing the repressive status quo and social control with which this inferno called society is permeated: what happened that night is therefore the normality of militarization and police violence, during which anyone can find themselves in the trajectory of bullets.
On the following day, 13th July, there was a summary trial against the arrested comrade; he was released but served with prohibition of residence in Pisa and the province, a measure clearly intended to keep the comrade away from his context of life and struggle. The next session of the trial will be held on 20th July at the court in Pisa.
Every day in Pisa and in many other parts of the world, an atmosphere of repression and social control is fomented through the militarization of the territory (a few days ago news of ten more military being deployed in the operation ‘Safe roads’ came out), the ever present video surveillance of public spaces, the closure of borders and last but not least the alarmistic lies shamelessly propagated by TV and the press.
The local press, first of all Il Tirreno, paid some attention to the events, mystifying and exploiting what happened, as they always do. It’s not by chance, in fact, that the articles of Il Tirreno mention an action of daubing that never occurred; similarly it’s not by chance they repeatedly highlight the fact that along with the only Italian there were three foreigners; finally it’s not by chance that these articles are always embellished with notes in praise of police and DIGOS (the ROS, in fact, have disappeared from all official versions including the arrest report) and the ‘state of security’ that the latter guarantee with their operations. Classic behaviour of the spokespersons of Power.
The various forms of repression have just one goal: that of hampering all individual and collective practices aimed at creating spaces of conflict and self-management to try to inspire moments of rebellion and liberation.
Places such as Galeone Occupato have always been under the police’s attention. But this doesn’t scare us nor will it stop the struggle we carry on every day.

Translated by act for freedom now!
via: www.informa-azione.info

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