IIRSA: Destruction Infrastructure (South America) [Documentary]


IIRSA: Infrastructure of Devastation (South America)
97.7% of the South American territory is being transformed forever. And with that, the totality of our lives. The IIRSA (South American Regional Infrastructure Initiative) is a mega-project at the continental level, carried out by all the South American states with the support, financing and coordination of the International Monetary Fund, an imperialist platform that generates the guidelines of the world economy. Its objective is to redesign the geography of the continent by creating a whole new network of infrastructures to facilitate, expedite and intensify the extraction of the so-called natural resources, which are nothing more than the elements that make life possible in this territory. Through the construction of roads, ports, hydro and thermoelectric power, airports, bridges, tunnels, among countless projects, which are the outpost of the extractivist machine that loot the territories, bringing with it nothing more than death. IIRSA is a weapon of mass destruction.
It is the greatest project of territorial reordering that has ever been carried out in the world, comparable only with the arrival and European invasion of America. In front of the voracious monster that grows in front of us, in front of the death sentence that imposes us.
Resistance is vital and urgent.
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