Aachen June 7, 2017: one comrade sentenced to 7 and a half years in prison, the other comrade acquitted


Today, on June 7, 2017, the judge delivered the verdict in the case against our comrades accused of robbing a PaxBank in Aachen in 2014. If one comrade has come out free, our sister and comrade was sentenced to seven and a half years in prison.
What this sentence has clearly shown is that they wanted to condemn not only deeds, but also ideas, our anarchist ideas, solidarity and the attitude of non-collaboration with the authorities.
Despite their intention to strike and repress our ideas and anarchist practices, for our part, we remain and will remain proud and convinced of who we are and why we are fighting.
This is what we demonstrated with our cries of rage and solidarity in the courtroom, in response to the dignity of our comrade who greeted us with her head high and fist raised as she was taken away. In court we expressed all our contempt for what it represents. We hope that this storm of rage, hatred and of love for the comrade blows strong and spreads throughout this cursed world.
Freedom for our comrades, war with our enemies!
Anarchists in solidarity
[Indy Barcelona, ​​07 Jun 2017]
From my heart, thanks to everyone for the support that was given to me, as well as all the warmth and love that I felt. This was essential to strengthen my resilience against all the oppression I was submitted to.
We’re not all out, the prisoners are missing!
Freedom to All prisoners!
All strength to those facing repression!
Prison demolition and reforestation!
The one kidnapped from 21.06 2016 to 07.06.2017 in the Aachen case.

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