Written by the comrade prisoner Liza in Germany


Dear comrades,
I want to thank you again for your solidarity and the support you have expressed in different ways from the beginning and especially during this trial, both inside the courtroom and from a distance.
These gestures have filled me with energy and warmth in so many moments and greatly increased my conviction that the struggle will always continue, in whatever condition and regardless of the obstacles that get in the way.
Precisely because I know exactly how justice works and the persecutory mania of the State, and as in this trial the court, the prosecution, the cops and the press needed culprits, I feel a lot of anger. Anger towards that miserable and totally unequal world in which the law of the powerful is imposed on us. Anger towards that system of punishment, oppression and confinement of all those who don’t fit into it. Anger about all the manipulation, the farce and the lies that feed public opinion … and of course, more anger for so many other things.
It has struck me this time, but at other times it will strike others and maybe even every single one of us, especially those who follow their path with dignity and strength. But we will not let the State and its followers bend us.
Prison is never the end; these aggravated conditions push us to continue defending the life and values ​​that we represent even more.
The struggle continues, both here inside as outside, until all prisons collapse and all forms of domination and authority are destroyed.
A lot of strength and solidarity to all the comrades imprisoned and persecuted everywhere!
Freedom for all.
June 2017

via: solidaritatrebel.noblogs.org
Translated by Act for freedom now!

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